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Congratulations to MyThoughts
Winner of iStart Valley's Accelerator Program
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iStart Valley Named Community Organizer for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 in Plano, Texas
Join iStart Valley to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 on November 21st at 1.00 PM Central. Register @
Runner up of iStart Valley's Accelerator Program - Amazity
Congratulations for Amazity for making it to top 500 Startup List in India
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Startup Genome has announced 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking and available now
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Congratulations to ProjectMQ
iStart Valley announces partnership with HubSpot
iStart Valley announces partnership with HubSpot to help enable startups grow better and scale faster
iStart Valley is selected to participate in |dq|Power of US program|dq| by Salesforce
iStart Valley is now among the 27,000 nonprofits using Salesforce to power their missions and change the world.
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Saturday, November 21st 2020, 1.00 PM Central to 1.30 PM Central

Register today @


GEW USAGlobal Entrepreneurship Network announced a collection of individuals to serve as the community organizers to drive engagement in thousands of activities this November to help start and grow startups around the world. Known as Global Entrepreneurship Week, the large-scale campaign is active in 170 countries with roughly 9 million participants in 35,000 activities – ranging from small, casual meetups to massive events and competitions. This year, GEW will take place November 16th - 22nd.


iStart Valley will serve as the GEW Community Organizer for Plano, Texas. On November 21st at 1.00 PM Central, iStart Valley is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week by hosting a virtual event to spotlight Entrepreneurs and Young Innovators to expose people to the path of entrepreneurship and innovation. Join iStart Valley and the Authors of the Award Winning "The Solution Book" to learn about the "101 Disruptive Techniques", hear from our Young Innovators on "State of the Youth Entrepreneurship" and “Artificial Intelligence” and be part of the Ecosystem Assessment Study kick-off for Plano, Texas. 


MJ Charmani, Founder and Chair of iStart Valley, a non-profit organization said “We are thrilled about the opportunity empower entrepreneurs and encourage our citizens to become starters – finding new and better ways of doing things. GEW 2020 is a call to action for all to be resilient and come together in leveraging the power of new ideas and innovation for the benefit of all especially in the wake of pandemic”.


The state organizers tapped by GEN will encourage hundreds of organizations throughout their state to plan and conduct activities during GEW USA. They will also play a role in connecting those organizations and other key stakeholders to expand awareness and enable the participation of communities not traditionally engaged in entrepreneurial activity. "Each year, Global Entrepreneurship Week amplifies the great work being done to support entrepreneurs across the country while connecting them to more opportunities to start and scale in their own communities,” said Ellen Bateman, director for U.S. ecosystems at the Global Entrepreneurship Network. 


The four global themes of GEW 2020 will focus on Ecosystems, Education, Inclusion and Policy. iStart Valley's GEW 2020 theme is "Ecosystems and Education". Register today @ First 50 Attendees will receive free copy of "The Solution Book".

Saturday, March 21st 2020, 9.00 AM Central to 1.00 PM Central

Register today @


Did you know startups founded by young entrepreneurs under the age of 20 is rapidly on the rise? Many bright entrepreneurs have emerged while they are young. Entrepreneurship could be a viable career choice, especially for the youth with no experience, but have passion and an idea. What may start out as hobby/after school project can turn into a real business. Power of networking combined with developing an entrepreneurial mindset early can help you successfully navigate the Entrepreneurial World. 


Join iStart Valley’s First ever online Youth Entrepreneurship Summit featuring globally renowned speakers to inspire you. Come learn the traits and tenets of successful entrepreneurship. A unique opportunity to "Discover the Entrepreneur in You"!


Goal of this summit is to offer the aspiring young entrepreneurs

- Next generation resources available to navigate the Entrepreneurial World

- Help them learn from the examples of others journey

- Inspire young adults to explore Entrepreneurship as a viable career choice in this era of 4th Industrial Revolution

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Besides gaining invaluable experience, as a participant you will receive additional benefits

- Digital Certificate of Attendance

- Free Digital Copy of Curated Entrepreneurship Quotes Book worth $21.99

- A unique Networking Opportunity


Bio of speaker is available at -


Register today @

After successful registration you will be sent a confirmation and link to attend the Summit. Registration is free until March 7th 2020!


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