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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
From the Berkeley Haas, University of California - Certified Instructors
From June 14th to August 30th 2020 (12 Weeks)
Register Today @ https://istart-ai.eventbrite.com


Did you know Top Schools in the world have already introduced AI in their Curriculum and Corporates are struggling to get their workforce ready for the AI jobs? Don’t miss your opportunity stay ahead of the curve as we bring an experiential and Immersive Program from the Industry Experts and Leaders. Gain this unique credentials to add to your resume. This is the Industry's unique program that offers an end-to-end view of Artificial Intelligence and takes you beyond the Basics with Hands on learning.

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to seemingly think for themselves. A prime example is an autonomous/driverless vehicle. Harvard Business Review estimates that 80% of companies are already investing in AI and most are facing challenges hiring the capabilities they need to implement a useful AI application or product.

Data Science is core to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence which holds the key to solutions to the problems being solved. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the hottest fields of the 21st century, that will impact all segments of daily life by 2025. A report from Indeed, one of the top job sites, showed a 30% increase in demand for data scientists year over year and a 348% increase since 2013, a dramatic upswing.

iStart Valley's 12 weeks Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Program is a thoughtfully curated keeping in mind the new generation of AI Engineers, Machine Learning Experts, Data Scientists etc.. Taught by the Berkley Haas Certified Faculty and the Leading Experts in the field of AI, course offers a very unique immersive experiential learning opportunity.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how neuroscience plays an important role in the evolution of AI. This curriculum will provide an introductory overview of artificial intelligence techniques and place a particular emphasis on neural networks and machine learning concepts. The course will have three phases:

Phase 1: Understand and Explore Data Science and Visualization 
Phase 2: Building blocks of AI - Machine Learning, AI Techniques and Neuroscience
Phase 3: Application of AI - Real-Life use case Driven and Experiential

Course includes hands on labs leveraging Jupyter Notebook. No prior Programming experience required.

The course entails an interdisciplinary approach to discuss past, present and future of AI, it’s power of disruption across the industries and multiple domains, compare and differ from how the brain works, and the way systems actually learn and work. We will provide you with real life use cases, examples throughout the course that will elevate your understanding and add context to the broader concept of AI and neuroscience.

Pre-requisite: Course is designed for high school students, Innovators, Creators, Startup Enthusiaists, anyone who want to go beyond the basic. Exposure to Linear Algebra and Statistics is preferred but not a requisite. No Computer Science or Programming is necessary. Whether you want to pursue Law, Business or Engineering, this is a must attend course.

Schedule: This is a 12 weeks program, with 1 Hour of Hands on session starting 10 AM Central, June 14th Every Sunday,

Meet the Instructors:

Industry Experts and Leaders in AI and Data Science: Course will feature leaders and experts Data Science and AI that working in Companies such as AirBNB, UBER and Space Engineering etc., Participants will have unique opportunity to connect and grow their network.







"AI Program has been a really informative and enlightening experience. I learned a lot!"

Madhalasa Iyer, John Hopkins SET winner, US National Winner for Intermediate Brain Bee, Presidential Environmental youth award, Top 100 girls US chess player


"I really enjoyed the program, especially the Lab Work as it gave me proper insight into Artificial Intelligence. I was able to learn a lot and I enjoyed working on the Final Capstone Project. The Final Presentations were a great way to apply what we learned. Overall, I'm really glad I participated in the program."

- Adrija Kundu, Bronze Medalist at International Geography Bee, Berlin, July 2018, AMC8 Honor Roll 2019


"AI and Data Science taught me so much about the versatility of AI in today's world. It opened my mind up to the extensive everyday use and made me realize just how much the world is moving towards relying on AI in the coming years. Thanks, iStart Valley for such a great experience; you did it again!"

Nithya Ganti, Principal oboe player for the Philharmonia in the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County, Top 20% in Math Olympiad, Girl Scouts Bronze Award


"The IStart Valley AI and Data Science Course gave me the opportunity to be introduced into the future of AI and Machine Learning, and how it is being applied today to solve the problems of this age. Starting from the basics, this program effectively teaches the process of how data scientists receive, interpret, and process data to be used in machine learning models, and then teaching the students how to create some of these models and implement them into real life situations. This program has inspired me to continue to learn about the vast and quickly growing world of AI and Machine Learning."

Divek Patel, Provisional Patent Holder, Won National Conrad Challenge, FLL National Qualifier, Winner of the Tri-County Science Fair


Sample AI Projects completed by Participants:

  • Bulletproof: AI driven pathways to identify and prevent school/mass shootings
  • Road Accident Prevention
  • Feedback for TED talk and live show speakers using AI Principles
  • Using AI to make driving safer
  • SafeSite AI: Benign and Malicious Website Detection 
  • Safespot: Using AI to conserve wildlife