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iStart Valley announces Third Batch of the Accelerator Program

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November 11th 2017 

iStart Valley, a leading business accelerator for the emerging technology based startups is excited to announce the startups selected to the Third batch of the Accelerator Program. Top six startups were chosen from the thirty-five applicants in the final round of the selection process. iStart Valley leverages the F6S Platform to invite startups to apply for the six months Accelerator program. These selected startup teams will go through a rigorous idea validation and focus on customer development following the Lean Launchpad methodology. Startup teams also work on exploring the Product-Market fit, evaluate the addressable market and learn to utilize the growth hacking tools. Besides gaining access to the number of free resources, Startup teams will receive coaching and mentoring by iStart Valley's Entrepreneurs in residence and several other serial entrepreneurs.

The last month of the Accelerator program will aim at Startups presenting to iStart Valley's growing Venture Capitalist and Super Angels network for funding. The key differentiator of the program is the pairing of startups with Venture Capitalists who share common interests and are the right fit based on their portfolio to expedite the funding process. The best Startup Team among the Third Batch will walk away with $1500 cash prize.

Startup teams preparing to launch and accelerate their early-growth with the brightest ideas in the emerging technologies are listed as below.

RIDR - A Ride Sharing with a Hybrid Approach. It is a ride sharing application that provides people statistics on the environment impact of their ride, money they are saving and lets the companies personalize their ride sharing view.

ProjectMQ - is the global discovery platform and incubator exclusively for independent video games. With ProjectMQ's invite-only app, gamers can enjoy hi-def multimedia from the world's best indie games. - Search less. Play more. Discover video games you'll love with ProjectMQ: A New Hope for Indie Games.™

Cycloid utilizes the combination of the built in data of the On Board Diagnostics, included in every car built after 1996, and external monitors to create a personalized system linked to the cloud with data, statistics, and forecasts about individual vehicles. These statistics allow for a consumer to foresee an issue before it occurs, and save a substantial amount of money.

Root is an Artificial Intelligence driven marketplace application matching healthcare professionals seeking short and long term employment opportunities and healthcare facilities seeking to fill such positions. Root's goal is to make healthcare recruiting and placement transparent, fast, and simple.

Amazity Transforms Smart City into Amazing city. Captures data from various sources like Social, Streams, IOT, IT etc. Integrates different smart city systems like traffic management system, Parking management system, Energy management system etc. Analyses and correlates the data input across the smart city systems with preventive and Predictive analysis/alerts. Meaningful dashboards for various stakeholders of smart city including Citizens.

DebateBot creates real-time fact-checking software and curated advertising whitelists. Advertisers can use DebateBot's fact-checking software to curate a list of the best website for their ads to be shown based on authenticity, content, and much more. Anyone can use DebateBot's real-time fact check engine to protect themselves from spreading misinformation and "fake news". DebateBot's algorithm leverages deep learning and machine learning to scan the entire web to find the most relevant information. 

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